It doesn't matter who I am, it matters what I can do for you

Who is Raigo Kuusnõmm


European champion in bodybuilding

I am an athlete born on the island of Muhu and raised in Saaremaa, who simply loves sports. Already in my early childhood, I discovered that I like to be faster, more powerful and better than others. So it's no wonder that in my early teens I discovered the gym for myself. So far, 20 years of gym experience with its ups and downs. I have achieved respectable places in international title competitions both in powerlifting and later also in bodybuilding. It is through these experiences that I have the knowledge to be the best guide for you on your journey towards the best form. In addition to my extensive experience as an athlete, I have had a coaching profession recognized by the EOK since 2010

When I got into the gym for the first time, I didn't know what or how to do it. Fortunately, there was a trainer in the gym who saw my talent and directed me to do powerlifting. From 2002 to 2012, I was actively engaged in powerlifting. During this time, I gained a lot of knowledge on how to bring the body to maximum weightlifting.

Unfortunately, I got into bodybuilding through an injury that prevented me from lifting heavy weights for a while, but my passion for sports was still great. I learned how to build muscle through lighter weights. I had my first bodybuilding competitions in April 2011. Competing in bodybuilding in parallel with powerlifting for a while, I realized that two things at once are a lot to be desired and one direction had to be taken in order to achieve the best result. In 2018, I became the European Champion in bodybuilding. 

I first thought about becoming a coach in 2009. And already in 2010, I passed the first exam and got a coach's professional certificate. 

I started working as a coach in 2016. 

I had my first job as a trainer at the Tallink Fitness gym. (2016-2021). In addition to Tallink, I also worked at Sparta Sports Club as a youth coach and also as a personal trainer

As a coach, I have accompanied several competitors to the stage, I have helped beginners from zero to the stage and advised athletes who have already competed before. 

In addition, I have had many personal clients who have achieved their goals under my guidance, be it weight loss or muscle building. 

As a coach, I am strongly results-oriented and always do my best to help the client achieve his goals.



  • 2019 Estonian absolute champion in bodybuilding
  • 2018 European champion in bodybuilding
  • Silver medaist in the European Championships 2015
  • In 2015, 9th place in the World BB Championships
  • 2013 European Championship bronze medal
  • 2013 Estonian cup winner in bodybuilding
  • In 2011, the 4th place of the World Championships in Classic Bodybuilding
  • 2018 IFBB Diamond Cup Poland gold medal
  • 2018 IFBB Diamond Cup Madrid silver medal
In addition to what has been read, there are many prize places from both Estonian and foreign competitions
  • 3x Estonian absolute champion in bench press
  • 10 x Estonian champion in bench press
  • 13x Estonian champion in powerlifting
  • 2x Estonian absolute champion in powerlifting
  • 1x Estonian champion in classic powerlifting
  • 6x Estonian champion in team competition
  • 21 Estonian records 
  • 3x European Championship silver in the Junior class (2008-2010)
  • Junior WC silver in bench press in 2009
  • in addition, several individual medals at junior international championships.

Rain Kuusnõmm

  • 2021 European Championships 4th place in classic bodybuilding
  • 2021 Estonian Cup winner in bodybuilding

Hendrik Kalme

  • 2021 Estonian Championship silver in Mens Physic category
  • 2021 Estonian Champion in the Junior Men's Physique category
  • 2021 Corny Cup winner in the Men's Physique category 
  • 2021 Corny Cup winner in Junior Mens Physic category